The use-at-home perms in hairdressing quality

Reliable and gentle to natural curls

Perms for home use – for over 50 years, KERALOCK has been one of the market leaders in this field. From gentle beach waves to wild curls – with the perms from KERALOCK you decide yourself about the intensity of your curly splendor. The Intensive Perm and Sensitive Perm are particularly gentle on the scalp, sensitive hair or hair that is difficult to curl – very easy with the sponge application system for even, long-lasting curls and healthy, shiny hair!

Simple, gentle and long-lasting - The application of the KERALOCK perm is even more fun with the help of a friend

Easy application

With practical sponge applicator for even application

Gentle to skin & hair

Enriched with valuable silk proteins & nourishing conditioner substances.


Healthy curls for several weeks and months

A perm gives fine hair volume, conjures up natural curls and brings even frizzy hair into harmonious waves. At Keralock, we offer you the choice of two perm variants, which contain differently strong waving ingredients.

Intensive or sensitive - which perm is right for me?

You can use the intensive perm if you have healthy, strong hair that is difficult to perm. If your hair is a bit finer and more sensitive or chemically preloaded, the Sensitive perm might be the right choice for you:

Intensive perm

  • Suitable for healthy, strong hair
  • Gently tames even difficult to curl, stubborn hair
  • Elastic durability for several months

KERALOCK Intensive Perm tames hair that is difficult to curl with the help of mildly adjusted waving ingredients and thus enables a shiny result with visibly more volume. The high-quality and established formula from the hairdressing sector is enriched with valuable silk proteins. This makes KERALOCK Intensive Perm a gentle way to achieve dream curls. The high-quality care formula soothes the scalp and conditioner substances in the fixing lotion also smooth the hair surface. This creates naturally beautifully groomed curls full of bounce and vitality. Thanks to the gentle fixation of the curls remain for several months.

Sensitive perm

  • Suitable for pre-stressed, fine hair
  • Particularly gentle formula without thioglycolic acid
  • Pleasant odor

Even volume fans with sensitive scalps can achieve seductive hair waves with KERALOCK: Thanks to the self-regulating wave & volume system, the KERALOCK Sensitive Perm is suitable for all hair types and is gentle on even sensitive or intensively pre-treated hair. Ammonia and thioglycolic acid – ingredients that could damage the hair structure – are deliberately avoided. The newly developed formulation with hyaluronic acid, collagen and arginine maintains the hair’s moisture, is gentle on the hair fiber structure and convinces with a discreet fragrance. With its acidic ph value, KERALOCK Sensitive Perm gives a soft and elastic fullness that is maintained in the long term and respects the structure of the hair. The contained cysteamine, a natural amino acid, gives the hair healthy structures with tremendous resilience.

How to use the KERALOCK perm?

The method of application is the same for both variants. For the best possible results, we recommend that you get help with the application. It’s easier and more fun with two people.

Application video (German)

Application description

Accessories included with your Keralock perm are a plastic cap and a pair of gloves. You will also need towels, a comb, greasy cream, absorbent cotton, lace paper and – of course – plenty of curlers. Depending on the length of your hair, about 30-60 pieces. It is important that you use only metal-free curlers made of plastic. The size of the curlers is also crucial for the result. The following applies: With a small diameter you achieve small curls – the thicker the curler, the larger the later curls. In addition to the classic perm curlers with a plastic retaining band, you can also achieve great results by using papillotes. Papillotes create more natural waves, for defined, even curls, rollers are the better choice.

The hair is twisted onto the curlers when wet. To do this, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and only lightly pat dry. Then, using the comb, section off one strand of hair at a time, no wider than the curler you are using. Start in the middle of the forehead. Tip paper protects the ends of the hair from drying out and split ends. In addition, it ensures that the tips do not kink when winding.

Then carefully twist the strand onto the winder from the tips to the hairline without too much pull. Close the winder retaining band and fix the winder. The band must point upwards, must not be too tight and must not press the hair. Plastic rods or cotton swabs provide additional hold and prevent the winder tapes from leaving marks on the hair. In this way, wind strand by strand up to the nape of the neck. Then wind the side sections up to ear level in the front and up to the nape of the neck in the back.

When all the wrappers are tight, it’s time to protect the skin along the hairline. Apply a thick layer of cream to the forehead, temples and nape of the neck. In addition, you can place a cotton strip along the hairline around the head (it sticks to the cream and serves as a barrier to prevent the lotion from running down your face or into your eyes).

Then you can screw the sponge applicator onto the well lotion (1) and apply it in doses to the wound hair. It is best to proceed one winder at a time and make sure that you soak each strand generously. For thick or long hair from shoulder length, we recommend the use of two packs of perm.

Now put on the plastic cap, wrap a terry towel over it and leave the perm lotion on for up to 20 minutes.

Halfway through the application time, you can check the curl using a test strand. To do this, unroll a strand, check the curl and roll up again if additional soaking is required. The maximum exposure time of 20 minutes should not be exceeded, regardless of the waving result, so as not to overstress the hair.

When sufficient curl and/or maximum exposure time is reached, you can remove the cotton strip around the face and rinse the still curled hair thoroughly with warm water (for at least 5 minutes!).

Then pat dry with a terry towel and apply a new cotton strip.

Thoroughly clean the sponge applicator and then screw it onto the fixing lotion (2).

Apply only ¾ of the fixative (2) exactly as previously dosed the corrugating liquid. Finally, remove the curlers after 10 minutes. Be sure to wear gloves when doing so. Gently massage the rest of the fixing lotion (2) into the hair. Leave on for a further 5 minutes.

Then rinse thoroughly with warm water and towel dry. Finally, we recommend the use of a nourishing spa rinse.

NOTE: After application, do not wash the hair for at least 48 hours. This could otherwise impair the curl or even completely cancel it.

You can also find a detailed application description to read in the instructions for use. Please read and follow the important instructions described there.