.Traditional brand since 1969

With over 50 years of experience, KERALOCK is one of the specialists in hair styling and hair care.

Building on our long tradition, we offer reliable products in premium quality. The formulas we use in our products come from the hairdressing industry. They are carefully selected and contain high-quality substances that are particularly gentle to hair and scalp. Since our early days, we have attached great importance to the highest quality standards and compliance with the latest legal guidelines. We are also committed to maintaining Germany as a production location in the future.

KERALOCK offers innovative products and thus specifically tries to close gaps in the market – always with a focus on hairdressing quality at a reasonable price. We have remained true to this line since the brand was founded in 1969. With a fundamental and complete overhaul of the brand image and brand management, accompanied by a new and modern KERALOCK look, KERALOCK finally sets completely new standards in the hair care and styling market.

We take your feedback very much to heart and try every day to further develop our products together with you.