When we think of hair, we think of brilliance. Rich color, silky shine, healthy shimmer. It goes without saying that we develop reliable products of premium quality, building on our long-standing tradition and expert know-how. The formulas we use in our products come from the hairdressing industry. They are carefully selected and contain high-quality substances that are particularly gentle to hair and scalp. Since our early days, we have attached great importance to the highest quality standards, which skillfully emphasize the natural beauty of the hair and brilliantly set it in scene.



With our roots in hairdressing, we have made it our mission to make high quality substances and formulas available to everyone* at a reasonable, tradeable price. Our products are so easy to use that you can bring the hairdressing experience directly to your home. Whether perming, coloring, bleaching or conditioning. KERALOCK products always have that special trick that makes it even easier for you. So everyone becomes a home hairdresser!


… Joy-creating

Great styled, healthy shiny hair makes us radiate, gives self-confidence and sparkles with joy! KERALOCK stands for this joy of beautiful hair. And not just when you look at the final result of the coloring or reshaping. We design our products in such a way that you already enjoy them during application. A beauty day with your best friend, daughter, mother or another favorite person is pure quality time. And who says you can’t have a good laugh while coloring your hair?


… Pioneering

KERALOCK specifically closes market gaps with innovative products. We see the overcrowded shelves in the drugstore and know that no one needs another hair product that may look nice but offers no particular added value. That’s why we break down the existing ranges and systems into their individual components and start afresh. What are your pain points in the application? What can still be a problem? And how can we develop even better solutions that inspire you? In this way, we are doing real pioneering work. This requires not only courage, but also perseverance and a genuine passion, which we carry deep within us.



Behind KERALOCK is a small team that develops hair products with passion and fun that offer you real added value. Hierarchical corporate structures are not for us. And of course this is transferred to our customers. We are approachable, take you seriously and always take your feedback to heart. If you have a question about our products or how to use them, if you’re not sure which product or which color suits you, or if you’d like some additional expert tips: we’re always happy to help our customers and every day we try to work with you to develop our products further.


In summary: KERALOCK develops for you the simplest hairdresser-quality applications for a communal experience that creates joy – since 1969.