Traditional brand since 1969

If you need perfectly styled hair, you trust KERALOCK. With more than 50 years of experience in the market, KERALOCK is the specialist for hair styling and hair care. Built on our long tradition, we offer premium quality products. Our formulas originate from professional hair care. They are thoroughly picked and include high-quality substances, which are especially protecting of your hair and skin. Since the beginning, we have been putting our focus on the highest quality standards and subsequently the accordance to newest legal requirements. Furthermore, we continuously stand by Germany as our primary production location.

KERALOCK provides innovative products and in doing so deliberately tries to fill market gaps – always with a clear focus on high quality products at reasonable prices. This is our goal that we have been working towards to since we were founded in 1969. By means of a fundamental and complete revision of our brand presence, resulting in a new and modern KeraLOOK, we set new standards in the hair styling and hair care market.

In order for us to do that, we take customer feedback very seriously and try to incoporate it into our daily work and the devlopment of our products as much as possible.